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We secure for You :

  • Equipment of testing departments - static and dynamic measuring of mechanical intensity, pressure, temperature, power, moments, shift, vibration, acceleration, electrical magnitude, sensing and evaluation of detonations... Constructions of special metering stands for long-standing or quick processes. Easy calibrations of systems. Possibility of mobile records, elaboration of graphical surveys ... (we are subcontractor for example for automotive field).

  • Single-purpose units and construction of machines for manufacturing or controlling and mounting - supply of mechanical area, food-processing industry, plastic manufacture and others ( produce of pressers, ...). We execute also difficult and special tasks. Construction of fully functional replacements for imported machines. Measuring and evaluations of process plan in mass production, application of camera systems.

  • Reconstruction of machines and units for order, just workable mechanics. It is also possible with procuration of purchase machine.

  • Welding machines, tractors and positioners - programmable, 1 up to 5 axes, usable for methods MIG/MAG, welding, hard surfacing and renovations by peripheral or spiral weld in constant welding rate, etc., prices from 1700 Euros (price without welding machine).

  • Equipment of client's preparations by our control system or by tractions with adjustable angle of rotation, programmable rate or acceleration, application of changers with PC communication, synchronization of tractions etc.

  • Equipment of client's preparations by our communication (unit 485, LAN, tlf, GSM, internet,... ) which can central collect informations, operating of systems or integration under existing major system.

  • Measuring, regulation and record of temperatures or energy (regulation of heating, drying-out of wood, automatic ovens with defined process of temperatures, central gathering and evaluation of data from steam meters, electro meters etc.).

  • Delivery of robotic welding or mounting system, Japan, up to 6 axes, up to 5 kilos, approx. from 35 000 Euros.

  • Creation of SW from technic and economic area for order.

  • Making and creation of HW for order with programming of single-chip controllers.

  • Free for charge, we implement the project of technical resolution of Your problem in light of control system with sequence on mechanics of machine.

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